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Some past Love Notes & Five Things lists – whatever is sticking in my orbit at the moment.

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This past week was both very full and very simple – I spent the last 5 days driving cross the country and what I love so much about that trip is the opportunity to just sit with oneself amidst the slow, meditative passage of time and all that that makes room for. Here are some quotes that stuck with me from the last week, plus a reminder:

“I was so used to being given things that I didn’t know how important it was for your soul to earn them”
– Daisy Jones from Daisy Jones & The Six (audiobook was great!)

“The experience was like 100 people making a watch”
– Robert Downey Jr. on making Oppenheimer with Christopher Nolan from this podcast interview with Rick Rubin

“From the microscopic to the telescopic” (love this framing!)
– Krista Tippett from this podcast interview with Atul Gawande (on mortality and meaning, 10/10)

“There’s gotta be one more thing you haven’t told me? Something you’re dying to say out loud. Take your time.”
– Clark from Daddio with Sean Penn & Dakota Johnson (highly recommend seeing, esp in theaters!)

Our home in Elk, CA (Mendocino Coast of Northern California) is still open for stays July 24-August 9. If you are interested in visiting, let me know! More details in my Instagram Highlights “Come Stay!” and you can see more of our home in “Elk” and “Airstream“. 🙂


Hello lovebugs!

Happy holiday week for those of you in the United States. This heatwave moving through the west is definitely making me feel summer’s embrace, it’s been hot and sunny even on the coast! My workshop last week on self-nourishment in summer was the perfect reminder of all the magic and mystery this season offers, and I’m finally ready to dive in head-first.

One reflection that came up for me this week is that this is the time of projects and vacations and day-dreaming and it is consistently my busiest months for coaching sessions… On some level I think that when the sun is out, the days are long and spacious, and we’ve shaken off any of winter’s pent up energy, that is also when we start to get sick of our own shit (if you will) and feel ready and safe to explore, question, make real changes. It’s a potent time to heal and grow! We’re at the half-way point of the year and naturally might be asking: What do we want out of the rest of this year? Out of this chapter? Out of life in general?

This roots back to the core questions we explore in my coaching practice:
Who am I?
What do I want and need?
What am I here to do in this life?

My wish for you all this summer is that you feel the sun on your cheeks as pure radiant love and that the spaciousness the season provides allows you to dream of all that could be – for you, for your loved ones, for the collective, for the planet, for it all – and take steps to heal whatever might be standing in your way.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world.” – Mark Nepo

I’m here for you if you want to do that work together!

Summer is here and it’s a holiday week and that means I imagine we’re all cooking, hosting, playing, and doing all kinds of summer things. We have been streamlining the membership archive for the past few months and now you can sort all the hundreds of items there by season to find everything related to *SUMMER*

I’m about to head on a big roadtrip to upstate New York for the summer and I’m currently packing up! A few of my roadtrip essentials: Patagonia Provisions’ Vegan Cheeze Crackers are organic, sourdough, dairy free cheese-its that I’m obsessed with, José Gourmet’s Portuguese Tinned Fish are my absolutely favorites in the now-very-saturated-category, Suay Sew Shop’s Deadstock Linen Napkins for lap spills, and 3rd Ritual’s Acupressure Polygon for working out back knots from driving all day.

This year I’m not camping but we did that a few years ago and there’s tons of info about how I pack for a camping cooking set up in the archive.

I’m about to crush some audiobooks – on the list right now are continuing The Ghost Forest: Racists, Radicals, and Real Estate in the California Redwoods by Greg King, starting Daisy Jones and The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid which was done with a full cast of actors and supposed to be incredible and this new book I saw shared by Atmos the other day Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came to Life by Ferris Jabr, and relistening to The Idea of You by Robinne Lee over and over and over! I can’t get enough!

Here’s an exercise from my coaching practice that can support you if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, out of control: SERENITY PRAYER REFLECTION – The “serenity prayer” from AA goes: “[God/Universe/Higher Power], grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Make a list of all the things going on in your life / the world that you cannot change. Make another list of the things that you can. What steps can you take in the “can” category? Where can you soothe and find acceptance for what you “cannot”? This has helped me and many clients immensely.

We’re heading out of town for a spell this summer and our home in Elk, CA (Mendocino Coast of Northern California) is still open for stays July 26-August 9. If you are interested in visiting, let me know! More details in my Instagram Highlights “Come Stay!” and you can see more of our home in “Elk” and “Airstream“. 🙂


Hello dear ones! Happy last week of spring & first week of summer in the northern hemisphere!

Here are Five Things you can do to mark the Summer Solstice tomorrow, June 20 (originally shared in this newsletter last year):

Turn your solar plexus towards the sun and take three deep full body breaths, feeling the sun warm your center and radiate through your body.

Note when sunrise and sunset are on Thursday, the longest day of the year, and make a plan to be awake and present for both!

Make a celebratory meal of bright, fresh, summery foods – strawberries, zucchini blossoms, tender herbs, edible flowers are all going off right now where I am. Revel in what is abundant in your location.

Summer is the season of new love. Take note and make a list of things that you are totally in love with right now. What kinds of love are you craving in your life? Use the potent time of this season to call them in.

Take a moment of reflection for the midpoint of the year. Do any kind of reflection exercises you usually do at the end of the year. Take inventory on the past 6 months and set intentions for the 6 months ahead.

And if you want to dive deeper into seasonal celebration…


More info & sign up

I shared an ode to foxgloves (a favorite late spring flower) with some reflections on my dad’s heart attack last year today on Instagram.

It’s the season for beach / lake / pool / waterside lounging! What are you packing in your play tote? We love our wooden battleship set, a deck of cards, the latest issues of our favorite newspapers The Retreat (SIERRA100 for your first issue or a past issue free, I was featured in March!) and County Highway, some sunscreen, a knitting project, and snacks of course.

I am very excited to be fulfilling longtime dreams of starting DANCE CLUB – a pop up dance party! The first one is for the Solstice x Full Moon this Friday in Mendocino (if you’re local, come through!) and I hope to take this disco on the road in the future… We all need more hot and sweaty in our lives.

We’re heading out of town for a spell this summer and our home in Elk, CA (Mendocino Coast of Northern California) is open for stays July-August. If you are interested in visiting, let me know! More details in my Instagram Highlights “Come Stay!” and you can see more of our home in “Elk” and “Airstream“. 🙂

Last week I asked you all “what comes up for you in summer?” and many said some version of “it’s hard to do it all!” Here’s a clip from last summer’s workshop about the struggle of finding balance, of prioritizing rest and work in late-stage capitalism, and the duality of this midpoint in the year. Hope to see you for the workshop Monday!


Hello! We’re back on the weekly newsletter and it feels so good. Summer is upon us and I’m feeling really excited. Sharing here what I shared on IG today:

Summer, despite all its splendor and charm, has historically been the most challenging season for me.

Profoundly this year I notice that as I move away from anxiety as my baseline and really undo so much of my own patterning and ways of being around pressure/duty/achievement, I am finding it more possible to melt / surrender / find ease / prioritize pleasure / be slow / let my mind wander / relish in doing one simple thing with all my attention / work smart not hard / luxuriate. And thus, being that these are all qualities of summer, this year feels SO different than years past.

I’m excited to explore these themes together this season!
With that,


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Coming off the stress of the last six months, my digestion is feeling it. My herbalist put me on a gut healing protocol that involves a lot of things (herbs, foods, emotional/spiritual shifts, and more) but the one that currently is changing my life is bone broth in the morning as my first meal. It provides warming, grounding nourishment and is easier for me to fit into my work schedule than making a full breakfast (as a former breakfast skipper). Been buying Kettle & Fire for when I need a quicker fix, buying from the farmers market, and making my own with varying herbs/spices/garnishes. Sipping on a pho-spiced chicken bone broth with lime juice and seaweed gomasio right now.

Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter on repeat right now

Nothing feels more late spring/early summer than baking with fruit. The other night I made a gluten-free yogurt maple olive oil cake with fresh cherries, apricots, and fennel seed based on a recipe from Aran Goyoaga’s Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple (the greatest GF baking book ever!). I also want to make Clare de Boer’s strawberry cornbreada fig leaf cake, as many galettes as possible, and everything from the summer chapter of Chez Panisse Fruit.

I am extremely selective about sunscreen and have historically been anti. I am not afraid of the sun and I opt for physical blockers more than applying chemicals to my skin. That said, as I embrace graceful aging head on, my favorites right now that I’m leaning into are Forah’s Everyday Mineral Sunscreen for face and and Badger Baby Mineral Sunscreen for body – ingredients lists on both are incredible, organic, herbal, and delicious.

Nothing has exemplified better than this how I feel about work right now. It’s flowing, I’m moving things along, and smart not hard. Bring on summer!

MONDAY, JUNE 5, 2024

Hello!!!!! Long time no email? How I’ve missed writing to you!

As for my absence, well, dear friend and reader, simply put: this spring kicked my ass around.

The best way I’ve described it is that for the last 6 months*, riding he waves of life has felt a bit relentless in it’s tests, triggers, tumult, movement. After a period of incredibly intense upheaval those pandemic years and then the subsequent couple years of relative calm – full of nourishment, healing, integration, exploring many new and purposeful pursuits – this late-winter-into-spring things hit a fever pitch and required all my efforts to just keep afloat and sustain. I gave myself permission to drop some balls. Turns out that was the lesson in the first place. Something I saw that really spoke to me in the depths of my grandpa dying – relationship transformation – health unfurlings:

It’s true. And what I’ve been most struck by is that, with all of this, life hasn’t felt bad. Just a times arresting, all-consuming, deeply profound, and hard but in a good way like building new muscles (more on this below). I have wailed on the floor, teared unexpectedly in the car, stared off into space for hours, laughed loudly at the absurdity, held on for dear life. But it wasn’t bad.

Through the near thousand of hours of client sessions over the last two years, it’s clear to me that the goal is not that we build a life without suffering, without upheaval – rather to do the best we can at any given moment to heal the root wounds coloring our pain and work to build resilience to be able to weather life’s storms with the undying recognition that there will always be another one. A dear one gifted me the beautiful book on grief “The Smell of Rain on Dust” by Martín Prechtel and this jumped out at me:

“If we try to see our entire lives in one broad sweep, what becomes obvious is that in every stage of a normal existence, just when we begin to feel expert and comfortable, that is exactly when the nature of life’s restless heart forces us to move completely out of that previously comfortable era into one in which we are hopelessly inexpert. In every stage it is as if we have to learn how to live all over again.”

The nature of life’s restless heart.

There is capacity in this life for tremendous pleasure, joy, beauty, humor, meaning. There is also a lot of heartache, pain, suffering, tragedy, loss. It reminds me of the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh: “No mud, no lotus”. As we collectively experience a war play out live I have been really sitting with the feeling that surely the absence of those lower vibration experiences is not the point of whatever we’re working out here in this time on this planet. We have not evolved out of them, yet. Or maybe we never will.

At the second annual Spiral Time Dance Retreat this April where I prepared meals for the dancers and held space through nourishment, at our final dinner I guided the group in a prayer for peace and collective healing. I asked everyone to pray for humanity on all sides of everything. Because it’s hurt people that hurt people. The themes I see playing out right now in Palestine speak to centuries-long cycles of trauma, dehumanization, ancestral wounds, deep-seated fear, extractive and reductionist views of people and the planet. These are not one-sided. These are not foreign issues. These are our grand, ever-present, profoundly human problems. And we are clearly being forced to reckon with them.

Addressing these themes is our work in this time if we are going to transcend them. And this plays out in our own lives in small ways every day. I feel so inspired and grateful that my “day job” gets to work with these themes and support others in the explorations, and that when I experience periods where it all come up for me, I have the tools to work with them.

But when you’re in it, sometimes there’s nothing to say! This is uncomfortable for me. As I’ve undone my relationship to validation, I no longer get a high from sharing. It’s beautiful to be seen for who I am and feel appreciated, but it’s no longer a need and it’s no longer filling a void. Breaking from the vestigial parts of that means really allowing myself to not share when I don’t want to or have anything to say. I’m learning to trust this (read: my inner child’s overachiever part is learning to trust this). A favorite reminder from psychoanalyst/expander of mine Dr. Orna Guralnick: “sometimes something is cooking but hasn’t come to the level of insight yet”. Life is full of many, many slow-cooked revelations.

All of this said, through all the mud, this chapter (like all chapters before it, even the ones I doubted) is beginning to produce it’s lotus and I feel more clear in my gifts and abilities than ever before.

So… I’m getting back on a weekly mailing list email !!!!

Since we spoke last I’ve been leaning into my own resources and exercises, escaping into great art/tv/films, slowing way down, and focusing on what really matters to me and culling everything else. Here’s a bit of what’s been happening and what’s coming.

I’ll see you next week with more.

Thank you for being here, for welcoming me into your inbox, for being you in your corner of the world.

All love,

*for the astrologically inclined, this 6 month period has coincided directly with the few months before Saturn hit my precise peak return on March 6 and the few months following. Saturn you beast!

We loved SNL this season. Favorites included everything Ryan Gosling especially this one, the brilliant Washington’s Dreamthe Dakota Johnson roast, and Sabrina Carpenter’s outro. Creating a Saturday eve ritual of watching humans play has been inspiring and life-giving honestly.

When my grandpa’s passing was approaching, we asked him to share his favorite musicians and we made a playlist which has subsequently got me really into Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – “Whipped Cream & Other Delights” (1965) will be a soundtrack of the summer. Plus the Challengers’ soundtrack, of course. My grandpa was an avid tennis player and also uninhibited and a bit raunchy in his final days. I think he would have loved the movie.

I got a scathing text from a friend when I left this out of my recent IG self-nourishment round up… I told her it was because I needed to give it a Five Things spot in the email. After watching Anne Hathaway’s latest flick “The Idea of You” from my NYC hotel a few weeks ago, falling in love with Nicholas Galitzine, and subsequently diving into the audiobook read by the author and actor Robinne Lee… Consider me nourished in body, mind, and soul. What promised to be a fun, sexy love story has me reflecting on the necessity of centering female pleasure, aging, womanhood, and the power and importance of art. I especially love that Lee’s story explores sex not sexual repression and real life circumstances not drama. 10/10

This is deserving of a much longer story but, long story short, after years of the last item on my manifestation lists being related to feeling good in my body and building physical strength, I finally felt the push last month and begun a fitness journey! Today it looks like doing a <30 min Melissa Wood Health mat pilates workout every morning first thing right when I wake up, in my PJs, before anything else and going for jogs when I can make time. I am already feeling great and surprising myself. I will do a full story on this, what I’ve noticed and worked through mentally, and taking you all along for the journey soon.

This flower essence for Earth Enchantment is what I reach for when I’m feeling anxious or disconnected. A few drops under my tongue and my cells seem to remember who they are, that they’re ok, that this is home, that we’re safe. The description on the bottle makes me teary-eyed. How lucky are we to be here now?

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2024

I have been loving this totally offline monthly newspaper The Retreat since discovering it last year, and I’m excited to share I’m featured in the March issue talking all things rebirth, transformation, and self-nourishment! Carley asked the best, most thoughtful questions and I feel so honored to get to share a little more of me. 🙂 You can get a copy of this month’s issue for free with my code SIERRA100

This year for my birthday I gave myself a solar return astrology report from Danielle Beinstein (scroll down). It’s a really thorough, super accessible way to get the low down on whats happening in the cosmos for you (at any time). Also a great gift idea!

As you know I rarely recommend products unless I truly love and rely on them. I have been taking ION for gut support for the last few years (in place of a probiotic) and when I had a shipping issue create a gap in my subscription earlier this year I noticed the difference BIG TIME. Taking ION keeps me regular, helped me start eating gluten again after 10+ years gluten-free, and I feel like anecdotally has been a part of my psychospiritual journey of deeper connection to self because of it’s ancient soil wisdom. My friend referral link will get you $10 off your first order if you want to try for yourself!

On the gut note… Our refrigerator went down this week and all the fermented foods went a little crazy at the warmer temps so we’ve been eating a lot so nothing goes to waste! Some core items we always have on hand: vinegar with the mother (some favs include Wilder Ferments, Tart Vinegar, Bragg of course), organic kimchi and sauerkrauts (if you go to a natural foods store they usually have the best local brands), and goat milk kefir if I can find it or keep a steady supply of raw milk coming to make it myself.

I’ve been listening on audiobook to Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mortals for over a year (lol) and when I finally got serious in the new year about my addiction to productivity and achieving I threw myself back in and just finished this wonderful read. Highly recommend! The general thesis is that once we accept our mortality, our finitude, and that we’re never going to get everythingdone or see/do/experience everything, we can free ourselves up to enjoy and be present for what we do have now. One thing from the book that has (no exaggeration) changed my day-to-day life I offer to you in Sierra-Lash-prompt-form here:

Warren Buffett’s supposed advice for prioritizing your time: Make a list of the 25 things you want out of life, then arrange them in order of most important to least. The top 5 are the ones you are to devote yourself to and organize your time around, and the other 20 aren’t second tier, they should actively be avoided at all costs.

What I like about this is that it’s reminding us that we are and our time is finite, and that the things that are the most important to us are the most important things in our life, full stop. My list has been functioning like a filter of sorts (similar to TBM’s Authentic Code) and has allowed me to take the pressure off of all those things which matter, but not as much as the things that matter the most. “Say no to things you DO want to do, with the recognition that you only have one life.”


Note to the reader: In this email I shared the recent revamp of my membership & website. This is my longwinded love note I wrote about all of this.

This is the TLDR part of the email where you can decide if you want to join me on this part of the ride or not. I know it is a tremendous privilege to find myself in your inbox and I do not take this lightly. Thank you for being here. Thank you for making it possible for me to make this work my living. Thank you for your time, your clicks, your attention, your hard-earned dollars, your support. It means the world to me.

In order to explain what led to this revamp, I have to start by sharing my whole view that business can be a tool for change, individual expansion, collective liberation, art-making, love-making, connection with others, intimacy with earth, healing, teaching, growing, birth and death… Business exists within our capitalistic structure, yes, but ultimately it is really just a manifestation of generative output and exchange. Two things I believe we as a species are uniquely here to do. So when you put it that way, how we treat our businesses is one of the most important things we have, it’s not a side aspect of how we heal our relationship to the planet and ensure our future here, but it’s essential to it. We often talk about how our relationships offer us mirrors into our deepest wounds on the individual and societal level, and I believe our businesses do the same.

If you are newer here, let me just say that I put a lot of thought into how I live my life. The other day in a group circle I hosted I was asked basically “how to justify prioritizing doing what feels good in life, relationships, work, family…” – my answer, which you can watch the recording of after you read this here (passcode: c$Th4M$n), was basically that after I experienced pushing my boundaries of doing what feels good so far beyond healthy and into the territory of “I’m young” “what have I got to lose” “it’s only temporary” “but I’m doing really important work” (spoiler alert: I wasn’t), I crashed and burned so hard that I nearly died. It became clear that there was no going back, I had to change my orientation towards my life and work and the way I live if I was going to have a life at all.

Ever since then (fall of 2019), I have been on a continual quest to shake myself free of my old patterns, conditioning, wounding, familial and generational ways of being, fear and scarcity paradigms, and limiting low-vibrational beliefs about myself, others, and the world. This internal work has become so much my focus that it naturally became my professional focus as well. Over the last two years I have built a whole career out of what emerged from the ashes of my old self and if nothing else it affirms that every single thing happens for divine reason, no matter how challenging or painful it is in the moment.

Around the end of the year I started to, as we naturally do, reflect and take inventory. From every direction I was being asked “what is no longer serving me” and it was feeling breezy and fun and exciting. I was doing to the TBM Manifestation Challenge and I was dreaming big. Then, right after Thanksgiving I got hit with a cold that knocked me down hard for about three weeks. Scout was out of town so I was all alone with just my dog, it was dark and stormy, and all of the sudden I touched an old anxious state I haven’t felt in years and have worked so hard to keep in check. In this state I was waking up every day, feeling absolutely awful, making to do lists of work tasks I needed to accomplish and ending the day berating myself for not being able to get them done. Then I would wake up the next day and make the list longer to make myself feel better, inevitably fall short, and start the cycle again. It felt like I had a tyranical boss looming over me.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks, holy fuck: I am my own tyrant! I work for myself! This is what I dreamed of, why do I feel the way I used to? I was reminded of my Human Design Incarnation Cross, from the My HD App it reads:

Those questions cut deep.

As I pulled myself out of my sickness hole and thrusted into the holidays, I was met with some family dynamics that illuminated my core thematic belief I was looping on:

Nothing I do is ever enough.

Ouch! I won’t add another three paragraphs to this email by telling you about the origins of this I have uncovered and how I have subsequently manifested situations throughout my life that affirm this message time and time again, but suffice it to say this has brought me to my biggest personal work right now: healing my addition to achievement & really tuning into my inner knowing and asking, who am I doing this for?

When I got real with myself, it was clear that there are so many aspects of my working life that I am so thrilled by, where I feel like even though I am giving I am doing it for me!, but there was one area that was taking vs giving, contracting vs expanding, causing me to hide vs be totally seen – my membership.

I realized through long hard reflecting (and guidance from my support network of coaches, mentors, friends, and family) that not only was creating expectations for myself to post on Instagram no matter if I was in the mood for it or not an incredibly detrimental way for me to live, but that of the hours I spent posting IG content behind my “Close Friends” paywall I enjoyed very little of it in the moment, and despite the value I knew it was offering it was not really growing much because it was actually a way I was hiding myself when my goals for my life and business are the complete opposite: to be honest and vulnerable, to live the most aligned, beautiful life possible and to share, inspire, and help others do the same.

I realized that what was a sweet idea I had when I had no job and no clue what I was going to do – give the people what they want & charge a little money for it – was servicing an outgrown version of me, and needed to be reimagined to better align with where I am now. This small membership community has supported my life and basically paid my rent for the last three years and I don’t take that for granted one bit. But that’s evolution baby! At the risk of playing into capitalism which says grow grow grow, more more more – it ultimately mirrors an earthly truth which is that we are constantly transforming, ever-expanding.

This allllll said:

I want to post content to everyone who wants it whenever I want to (I’m already having way more fun: see my Ask Me Anything from January in my Highlights).

I want to send thoughtful emails to this list whenever I want to and trust that you won’t forget about me (read, right now that will look like once a month).

I want to make my membership a way for anyone who can’t currently swing the 1-1 coaching price-tag to be able to work with me.

I want to trust that as I follow my heart, I will have my material needs met.

I want to give myself permission to take breaks, to be intentional, to be a more benevolent overlord to myself.

I want to believe that as I do this more and more, it gives you permission to do it in your life as well.

Thank you for your support, for sharing my work with loved ones who may benefit, for being along for the adventure. I love you!


Hello friends! Happy 2024!
Today I share a note from me to you…The end of last year was chock full both literally and emotionally – travels, sickness, family time, holidays and celebrations galore – and my body and brain are just starting to catch up! A lot of integration, processing, and growth all around. I imagine this is true for you too.Through all the psychospiritual work I have done over the last few years to better understand myself, the world, and my place within it, perhaps the most significant shift on a daily basis is that I have cultivated deep trust in my path (and all our paths in turn!). Beyond “everything happens for a reason” or “trust the timing” to “everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to”. I believe this to my core. It has taken unlearning patterned beliefs, societal constructs, and alllll the coping skills I adapted to find that amidst any pain, suffering, unpleasantness in life – I trust in my path, totally. Supporting folks to do the same in their lives through my work has become truly the greatest honor and privilege, I cannot believe how much I love this work and am thrilled to evolve with it in the years to come. I am so grateful for everyone and everything that was a part of the last year.In 2023 I…

  • Worked entirely for myself on my coaching practice and subscription, plus a few cooking gigs for fun (a retreat, special dinners, helping friends)
  • Brought on help to make this email list happen (thank you Nat!) where we sent out 30 newsletters including 130 items in the section “Five Things”
  • Shared 132 recipes/guides/tips for all around self-nourishment to my membership subscription Close Friends
  • Moved a 1978 airstream up to Mendocino to serve as an office (and guest space!)
  • Worked with 72 clients and had a total of 540 hours of sessions !!!
  • Taught self-nourishment workshops with the seasons and the first cohort for my home cooking course Feeding Yourself

It was a lot! I am very proud! I am learning to sit into this for a moment instead of constantly being onto the next thing. My dad told me that burnout is caused by not creating achievable goals + constantly moving the goal posts (something I and many of us are guilty of in this modern age – there can always be more to do, right?!).

It feels like finding balance with alignment is what this phase in my life is all about. No small task! I’m trying to establish a work ecosystem that supports me on all levels that I love, build a harmonious life with my partner, and find as much joy, fulfillment, and purpose as possible every day amidst all that is happening on the global scale… When any of this is achieved in a day/week it is a triumph. I want to celebrate this more in 2024.

I am told this is all par for the course of Saturn Return, the time(s) in life when the planet Saturn finds its way back to the place it was in when you were born, roughly every 29 years for a 2-3 years it hangs out there. A friend recently shared with me that Saturn Return is like all of the energy in the universe is trying to thread you through the eye of a needle that is your truest alignment. She described so artfully using this analogy that there is a contraction that takes place to get you through, a tight squeeze. That which doesn’t fit through will become clear and fall away. It seems as though this is happening to and for us all of the time, and Saturn Return turns up the heat. Well I’m sweating!

As I welcome this new year, a leap year so we get one extra day to transform (!), I am coming back to the fundamental questions I always ask myself and others:

Who am I? What do I want and need? What am I here to do in this life?

and then, with those answers,

Which aspects of my life do I want to carry forward and which do I want to shift? 

With this, I am taking the rest of January to hibernate and reimagine my subscription and email offerings, and welcome my 29th birthday at the end of the month. Thank you for your patience, I can promise it will be good/fun/and deeply nourishing whatever comes, and in the meantime, here are some places you can find me:

  • Dive into deep winter! My efforts to teach my seasonal workshop series for winter were repeatedly thwarted so I took it as divine intervention. The energies of this season are urging us to slow down, rest, replenish, reflect, get quiet, welcome darkness, find enchantment… You can watch the recording of the workshop I taught with Inner Tide last January on Self-Nourishment in Deep Winter ~ for free as a thank you!
  • Peruse the 250+ items in my Archive with a Closer Friends membership
  • My next To Be Magnetic accountability group monthly check-in zoom call is Thursday, January 25th from 5-6pm PST – we’ll be covering any questions you all have for me and more, email me to be added to the group
  • Book a coaching session! My calendar is up to date and open for new and existing clients. The first initial 30 min is free without commitment. I would be so honored to work with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or words to share – send me a note anytime!

All love to you. Talk soon,


It’s that magical time of year for holiday music! We have gotten really into vintage Christmas music over the last few years – simply any playlists of tunes from this month in the 50s, 60s, 70s really hit the mark. Do yourself a favor and listen to Old Toy Trains by Roger Miller, Blue Christmas by Elvis or Johnny Cash, Hard Candy Christmas by Dolly Parton to name a few.

When I was sick I threw myself hard into a few shows, including Downton Abbey for the first time (I know), but what really got me through was Couples Therapy. It features real sessions with NYC-based psychoanalyst Orna Guralnik that are masterfully produced to show the raw, real, deep and honest ebb and flow of therapy work. I really admire and echo a lot of elements of her approach in my own coaching practice with clients. Whether you are coupled or not, we all know that intimate relationships of all kinds bring up our deepest stuff and this show is a master class in turning the mirror back on ourselves.

This year I have opted for gifting goods and wares that are homemade or made my local makers. This has beautifully narrowed in my gifting and brought more intention to a time of year that can feel like a frenzy. Some things I made include salve, pickled things, tea blends, needle-felted and knit goods… and then I picked out the best sweet and salty treats from our local natural food store bulk section for stocking stuffers.

I am finally bouncing back from a sickness that knocked me down hard. After a week of bed rest and another week of brain fog (I started taking this Lions Mane powder 2x day per my herbalist Caroline which has really helped!), in the third week of recovery I moved though what I can best describe as a turning point / awakening of sorts around my relationship to self-imposed obligation, the concept of productivity, and discovered (maybe for the first time) truly present rest (it’s one thing to be allowing yourself physical rest, it’s another to be not thinking about the to do list when doing it!). More reflections on this to come, but all I can say is that a goal of 2024 is to welcome sickness when it comes as a initiation into whatever is waiting for me. It’s not the trip we want, it’s the trip we need!

Wishing you many blessings this week as we enter into the darkest time of the year! I will be living by candle & tree lights after dusk, going inward and indoors (annual reflections & crafts galore!), and gathering with loved ones. On Thursday with the winter solstice we both honor the darkness & welcome the growing light – a reminder of balance, duality, and hope. Here are a few words I shared last solstice that might spark something for you. To me, Christmas week is really all about splendor and enchantment – all the feasting and miniatures and tales of magic. Ask: how can I invite more of this in this year? All love and light your way!


Happy Thanksgiving week to all who celebrate! This holiday is not usually one of my favorites, but I recognize that it is perhaps the most culturally significant holiday in America for many reasons. I wanted to take a moment to touch on and offer musings on some themes of the week ahead:

🥧 Home Cooking 🥧
The tradition of Thanksgiving gets folks to cook, spend time in their kitchens, and make foods using seasonal abundance and that are native to North America (pumpkins, cranberries, turkey!). I love these aspects. For recipes for this week I love to make family recipes (my grandma’s jello mold, great-grandma’s cheese puffs) & anything Alison Roman Thanksgiving Special (she nails the flavor : texture : balance elements that many Thanksgiving spreads lack). I made her stuffing yesterday for friends (stuffing is too good to only eat once!) and it was delightful.

🪶 Native Land 🪶
It is not to be glossed over that the origin of this holiday is the arrival of the first settlers (Pilgrims) who came to this country in the 1600s, and the subsequent colonization and violent eradication of the Indigenous peoples who were here tending this land and reaping harvests of plenty for thousands of years. One way to honor this history this Thanksgiving is to thoughtfully bring acknowledgement of the people who were here before. Find out whose Indigenous land you are on:

🙏 Gratitude 🙏
It’s in the name! One tradition I am starting this year is a Thanksgiving morning gratitude list – everything and anything, as long as I can. Many studies have shown that people who feel grateful sleep more soundly, actually process nutrients in food better, heal quicker from ailments, and are generally happier and less depressed.

🛒 Consumption 🛒
This holiday really is so American! We live in a culture that is consumption obsessed. We are surrounded by messages that we need, and need more. In recent years I can’t help but feel the significance of the sales that seem to start earlier and earlier and go longer and longer and seem to be in direct contrast to what the moment on the planet demands of us. All this said, I’m all for self-expression in style and home and I’m not immune to the lure of a good sale. Some questions I ask myself to curb unconscious consumption:
1. Would I pay full price for this
2. Was it on my wishlist before
3. Does it align with my values, is it a true reflection of who I am and who I want to be
4. If I put it in my cart then do something else and it sells out would I be upset (if I know something is not going to sell out I always try to wait at least 24 hours before buying)
5. Am I willing to donate or get rid of 2 similar things in it’s place
6. Do I (or the person I am buying this for) actually need this
7. Should I get off Instagram/TikTok right now (answer is always yes)

🫧 Boundaries 🫧
Hello holiday season, hello family time, hello boundary tests! I define boundaries as the super thin line between what feels good to you & what doesn’t feel good to you. “Boundary Work” – identifying what they are and setting healthy ones – is a big focus of my client work. Pay attention (make a list even!) of anything that happens that doesn’t make you feel good. This is showing you what your boundaries are, then you have the opportunity to act on them!


Winter is upon us! And you know what that means? Dry skin & chapped lips! After being a longtime Aquaphor dependent, a few years ago I switched from the petroleum-based product to this all organic, super simple ingredient, woman-owned small business Yay For Earth and I haven’t gone back! I am acne prone and despite all my efforts I can’t use it on my whole face but I use it on my lips & any dry spots (kneecaps, elbows, cuticles….) – works great!

Lately I have been getting very sick of my own music and of listening to the same things over and over. I believe we’re on the precipice of a return to curation so – hello again, radio! I’ve been loving: listening in to local stations (there’s a hourlong show on Saturday’s up here in Mendocino called Trading Time where people call in to share things they are abundant in just in case someone else needs them, amazing), NTS Live (global radio 24/7), and the Radiooooo app (pick a decade and a place on the world map and toggle between fast / slow / weird, perfect for dinner parties).

For Halloween this year I dressed up with Scout as Julia Butterfly Hill & her beloved old growth redwood tree Luna. For 738 days between 1997 and 1999 Julia lived high up in the ancient tree with just the bare necessities to prevent loggers from taking the grove of 1000 year old trees down. I picked up her book “The Legacy of Luna” in a visitors center in Humboldt when I was young and it left a strong lasting mark. You can grab a copy for <$10 on many used book sites – my favorite is Alibris.

One way to really feel festive and make your home smell autumnal is to make spiced apple cider! Grab a jug of apple cider (fresh if possible) from a local farm or the grocery store + heat it up on the stove with a few cloves, cardamom pods, and a cinnamon stick thrown in.

I’m still taking breaks from Instagram for my mental health. I shared some thoughts on this last week over on Instagram (irony not lost on me). Thank you for being here in my mailing list which is quickly becoming the best way to stay up to date with me! Holding you all very close and sending love.


It’s an exceptionally tender time to be a human on planet earth. We are all feeling it, no matter our ancestry/religion/affiliation. On the most basic level, what touches any of us touches all of us.

I shared some thoughts on Instagram here in a post and here in stories on how I am navigating this time (hint: Instagram breaks) & some journal exercises to support you that have helped me, you can check all that out, but in general I just want to say that it is in times like this that our self-nourishment becomes essential, not in spite of the moment but for it

It’s my belief that it’s in times of stress that the practices that tether us to our lives and nourish us become bedrock necessities the most.

Remember: your thriving is revolutionary too.

In that spirit, here are five things that are helping me thrive right now:

My 5 week home cooking course Feeding Yourself kicked off last week and it has been so so sweet. Each week in addition to the topics we cover around establishing a home cooking practice, I guide the cohort through some prompts for reflection and play music that is speaking to me in that moment. Here is the working playlist that gets added to each week. I will likely offer the course again in the spring so if you weren’t able to join us this time, stay tuned for that info in the new year.

I am a very selective cookbook and food content creator follower. Julius Roberts steals my heart with his resting smile face (the best) and his super seasonal nourishing recipes from his family farm in the English countryside. I love watching everything he shares and his book of seasonal recipes & reflections just came out: The Farm Table. I had to order it through a European distributor to get it ahead of the US release and it has been well worth it. I can’t wait to cook from it all year!

A couple weeks ago in Santa Barbara we caught a screening & director Q&A of the film Common Ground, the sequel to Kiss the Ground (on Netflix now!). It was an incredibly moving, honest, optimistic portrayal of the state of our soil & the importance that saving it has on our ability to continue to thrive on earth. Soil is everything and everybody should see this film. You can watch the trailer, see when upcoming screenings are near you, and demand it at your local theater via their site.

Last month we went to Maine and our friends out there are devotees of the winged world. They introduced us to the Merlin Bird ID app which allows you to record the sounds in the environment and it identifies all the birds AND gives you bird call recordings so you can chat with them all around you. So amazing!

As autumn sets in I am picking up my needles and getting back into knitting! I shared some tips, how I got started knitting, and all my projects last year – you can find all that in my archive if you want to get knitting this year!


🍎 Autumnal Equinox Edition 🍎

^ we are here

I invite you into this liminal time of transition as we approach the Autumnal Equinox this weekend. This year the equinox – the moment between the summer and winter solstices – will occur at 11:50pm PST on September 22nd, making Saturday, September 23rd the first official day of autumn in the northern hemisphere.

A note for this time from a favorite Rosh Hashanah share from Linke Fligl in 2020:

When the fear/grief/loss is just too much, remember to feel your feet on the ground, touch the earth, put a clove of garlic in your pocket, a drip of honey on your tongue, a sprig of cedar in your breast pocket. Watch the leaves change and remember you are changing too. Remember that holiness lives in you, that you are enough, that you are never ever alone.

When you’re feeling any amount of connection/joy/ease, celebrate! This is no small feat, especially now.

Sing out to the universe (it can hear you).
Cry out to your ancestors (they are listening).
Feel the ground beneath (it can hold you).

Here are five things you can do to mark the Autumnal Equinox this weekend:

Write a note to summer you – Who were you? What did you do? How did you feel? What bloomed? What decayed or dried out? Highlights? Unfoldings? Thank the most recent season’s you and give them some love.

Sit in the autumn air. Take a few minutes to notice the changes around you. Take a few minutes to notice the changes within you. This can invite an autumn practice of noticing and witnessing.

Light candles. Cook, eat, start a project, journal, watch a movie, take a bath, do anything by candlelight.

Note when sunrise and sunset are on the equinox and make a plan to be awake and present for both.

Create and adorn your altars. As the veil of darkness begins to descend, we feel ourselves naturally turn inward as nature does and the line between our world and the spirit world becomes thinner ~ many ancient cultures believed this peaks in the days between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice – Halloween/Día de los Muertos/Samhain all occur in the end of October and first week of November. Find a special place in your home, can be as small as atop a book on the shelf, to place a few items of significance, beauty, mysticism, spirit. We are creatures who nest and find meaning, and altars are an incredibly potent way of marking a moment and making more magic at home.

One of my little summer altars 🙂

For more prompts for seasonal celebration and self-nourishment, come for my workshop October 2nd!

More info & sign up here

Happy autumn to you!


When we have guests in the airstream I like to tailor the reading materials accordingly. When two of my dear friends visited this past weekend I left them my new favorite monthly mail The Retreat – a “blue light-free newspaper” for “helping you disconnect to reconnect”.

I’m nursing a cold this week… solo (Scout’s in Alaska!)… in the country… which means lots of rice and sautéed vegetables, 7.5 min boiled eggs, whole garlic cloves, hot bathes, and days that crush an entire season of Alone (season 3 in Patagonia and Callie from Lopez Island was my favorite thanks for asking!). I drank a lot of chicken stock Scout made with a carcass and then froze in June (loads of stock & broth tips, tricks, etc in my “Stocks” Highlight in my Archive). The only “single use” plastic we use in the kitchen are these quart containers that last a long time and are really hard to beat with glass jars & gallon ziplock bags for freezing scraps for later stocks – both we wash and wash and use again and again. I would love to make the switch to these mega-sized Stasher bags soon (know anyone at Stasher?).

The recording from my personal share in my To Be Magnetic accountability group’s monthly call from two weeks ago has been getting a lot of love and kind words of resonance. Free for all, it includes in detail: how this last month / venus retrograde brought up a lot of reckoning and clarity in my personal patterns and current links between love & money, my thoughts on marriage and commitment, what is your Saturn Return w/ answer from an astrologer!

Been watching Timothée and Kylie on repeat, the only reason I’m going on TikTok. What can I say I love love!

Primal Kitchen makes the best and only organic, unsweetened ketchup that actually tastes like the real deal (H*inz). Recommended to consume in the parking lot of your car with grocery store chicken tenders at least once every few years.


The reason this email is late this week is because I got very deep into Alone: Season 9 on Netflix with two dear friends who visited me in Elk this long weekend and I just finished the season! My mom has been watching this show for the past few years and I finally got into it and – wow. Very moving and epic. A great late summer treat! Going to watch all the past seasons now….

Gardenheir was started by former customers of ours in upstate NY (at Scout and my summer 2021 pop-up Earthworm!) and when I was visiting a few weeks ago I went by their lovely store in Windham, NY. Chic timeless garden supplies that are my favorite blend of functional and beautiful. I especially love their cotton smocks, waterproof garden hats, and English-style gardening trugs.

Scout and his brother Bubby’s other project (besides Buoy Water Club) is Internet Cafe – a genius solve for sifting through the clutter of content to find things to read/watch/listen to from peers and people whose taste and perspectives you like. They’re working on a platform for “spending less (but better) time online” and I’ve seen the beta and you’re going to like it. Follow their Instagram for current shares.

I have a lot of Virgos in my life. I think it helps me balance all the air and fire in my chart. I always have beeswax birthday candles around because you never know when you’re going to be celebrating and want to sing over a sandwich or paella (both occurred this weekend – happy birthday Lena!).

After working in advertising and then the clothing industry, it was clear to me that my aligned work had to be non-extractive and more sustainable to myself and the planet. I appreciate everything that The Slow Factory shares: a lot of thoughtful (and at times a bit boundary-pushing) takes that inspire me to think deeper about ways to address climate change and the tribulations of our time. From a recent post: “The future of life on Earth demands that our forms of celebration be centered around the foundation of a return to nature – ones that are intentional, thoughtful, and caring for all things, human & non.”


Settling back home after my trip to NY I am overwhelmed with how abundant life feels. Over the past few years I have taken space to really untangle what true abundance means, looks like, feels like to me. It’s my ultimate goal to move through life in an abundant mindset, mirrored by nature. It’s taken work to get here. I come back to this statement often: “I have everything that I need and almost everything that I want.”

If this doesn’t ring true for you, it’s an opportunity to get real about what *your true* wants and needs are. In my experience we can only build our dream lives if we are clear first on what these are. If we don’t get clear, we will spend time out of alignment & swimming upstream or building someone else’s dream. No thanks!

As you probably know by now, after watching the ‘Before’ Trilogy earlier this month, I am currently in an Ethan Hawke moment. I stumbled upon this clip of him answering Colbert’s question “what do you think happens when we die?” which has sat with me over the last week.

As summer starts to wane, I’m thinking about preservation projects. I’m planning on getting flats of tomatoes to freeze and peppers to pickle as well as harvesting herbs and flowers from the garden to dry for teas and medicine over the winter. Last year I hosted a zoom workshop in September on Preserving Summer and Welcoming Seasonal Transition that you can catch in my archive!

I recently watched the 2008 documentary film The Business of Being Born. It’s a reminder of how much we have medicalized our world in the last 100 years – sometimes to our benefit of course, though often to our detriment and disempowerment. *As with any documentary there are always going to be elements to further explore and not take at face value (especially if it’s 15 years old!). I like to watch things like this and notice what is going on in my body and system – take what resonates and be curious about what doesn’t. Next on my list is the filmmakers’ 2021 doc, The Business of Birth Control.

I’ve added a place on my website for all past “Five Things” to live for free! Peruse and enjoy!


I’m currently on a two week trip in Upstate New York (don’t worry, all the content to come in the next few weeks – stay tuned). Here I am spending long days with friends, swimming in ponds, detouring for soft-serve, eating dinner by candlelight, pulling over for wildflowers, and generally feeling all the romance of high summer in a place that explodes out from the dearth of deep winter with vibrance and abundance in the form of two weeks of ripe strawberries & goldenrod filled fields. It’s a form of heaven on earth for me and I feel beyond lucky to know such joys. Here are a few things I am engaging with while here:

Speaking of upstate magic, I am deeply inspired by what Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua is doing with her farm Worlds End in Esperance, NY. She’s the kind of creative business leader and experimental artist of life I aspire to be. I am continually moved by her words in their newsletter, and they recently launched Saipua TV which I am devouring every mini episode of.

I first discovered Ross Gay the poet, essayist, and professor whose work centers articulating joy, delight, and gratitude on this podcast episode of On Being. I was reminded of him recently on this podcast episode of We Can Do Hard Things. A balm for summer and you can’t help but smile listening.

Mark Groves on TBM’s Expanded Podcast talking all things conscious relationships, addressing questions like “should I stay or should I go”, how our relationships mirror literally every aspect of our lives… A major resource through this Venus retrograde period (we’re 1/2 way through – congrats!). I listened twice and took vigorous notes.

I have been thinking about Penelope Cruz’s hair in Vicky Christina Barcelona since I watched it the other night with my friend. It’s perfect. If you haven’t had a summer movie night with friends or lovers I highly recommend planning one. Some recs from my millennial classics summer vault: the ‘Before’ Trilogy (from last newsletter), Call Me By Your Name, The Notebook, Sliding Doors (another movie I watched last week).

Paying attention to what feels in balance vs imbalance. Late Summer is it’s own season in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here’s a guide from one of my favorite books “Staying Healthy With the Seasons” by Elson M. Haas.

MONDAY, JULY 31, 2023

This weekend Scout and I watched all three movies in The ‘Before’ Trilogy – director Richard Linklater’s incredible series that each take place with the same romantic duo 9 years apart. Before Sunrise (1995), Before Sunset (2004), and Before Midnight (2013) explore time, love, growth, and the ordinary and the profound at once. I’ve been thinking a lot about the passage of time and age over the past few weeks so with Venus in retrograde right now (bringing all things love and values to the edgy surface), it’s a welcome treat to dive into film.

I shared this clip on IG from last month’s Self-Nourishment With the Seasons: Summer workshop, reflecting that anyone right now who is trying to work hard and also find rest is a pioneer. Truly navigating uncharted territories in modern life. This is not what our culture promotes nor what has been done before. Reminder to find grace for yourself as you attempt to carve balance and forge anew.

Kiana Reeves is one of my favorite teachers to follow right now. She is a somatic sex educator and her work explores all things sex! embodiment! pleasure! intimacy! truth! the risky and the risque! She was a guest on one of my favorite podcasts SOUNDFOOD last week and the episode is wonderful.

To Be Magnetic‘s summer Magnetic Self Challenge just wrapped after 6 weeks and it really got my wheels turning thinking about what my authentic self’s dreams truly are. Whether you do TBM work on not, it can be a beautiful exercise to make a note in your phone of the things you know you WANT in your future, taking a moment to think about and be honest with ourselves about our truest desires. I shared my list on IG in the Highlight “TBM Lately”.

Tomorrow at 11:31am PST we welcome the super full moon in Aquarius. Super potent energy abounds. I turn to my favorite Ethereal Culture for astrological reflections in moments like these and spend a lot of time excusing internal discomfort and blaming it on the moon!


I took last week off from sending an email as I was coming back from travel, and I missed you! Hoping you are enjoying high summer & here are a few things keeping me cool and centered in this busy time of year.

A recent interview with my favorite Zach Bush on On Purpose with Jay Shetty. I have shared this before here, but whenever I am feeling anxious or lost or confused or overwhelmed, Zach’s words always grounds me in perspective, optimism, and understanding. I shared a meaningful clip from seeing him speak this spring.

I am currently reading Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by psychic medium Laura Lynne Jackson – my friends were teasing me that this is my version of a light beach read 😉 but I’m finding it to be an easy, beautiful invitation to find more little moments of connection in everyday life. I want to give a copy to everyone I know who has lost a loved one ~ if that’s you, see it as a sign!

I have been trying to stay extra hydrated amidst days in the sun this summer, and one way to make that extra fun and seasonal (and fortify yourself with extra nutrients!) is to make sun tea! We’ve been filling jars with Berkey water, adding fresh or dried flowers and herbs (like hibiscus, lemon verbena, rose petals, nettles, mint, basil, thyme, even green tea bags or other tea blends) and setting it out in the sun for a few hours to infuse, straining, chilling, and drinking.

Cooking outside! My favorite thing. Something to make a point to do at least once this season. If you don’t have the ability to make a fire and cook over it, consider a grill or camp stove!

That’s all for this week! Thank you so much, as always, for being here!


This week I listened to this interview of Jonah Welch on the Global Sisterhood Podcast discussing Transgender Spirituality. I found it to be exquisitely beautiful, honest, vulnerable (on both sides), and very moving. A much needed bridge in the conversation around the rise of the divine feminine, the balancing of the divine masculine, and the introduction to me of another equally as powerful force – the divine androgyny. Together they opened up and pondered very important spiritual questions in a super essential conversation for this moment in time.

On another late-PRIDE month rec: we caught the new documentary Little Richard: I Am Everything last month at the Mendocino Film Fest and it was a wonderful tribute to the king/queen of rock n roll that maybe you barely know about & a moving portrait of queerness that deeply touched us.

I used to buy Turkish towels from a very special small shop that was around the corner from my apartment in Austin (Take Heart) and the last time I visited I went in and they no longer carried the towels. After some googling I discovered that you can find alllllll these amazing Turkish towels on Etsy for a fraction of the price. I love tipping anyone off on this amazing hack for lounging and bathing this summer.

Roses are in full bloom all over right now and for the first time in my life I am noticing them and feeling in love with them! I have many theories going in my journal of why this might be, and in typical Sierra fashion I am digging in – leaning into my feminine, ordering used books, taking this online class on rose medicine and folklore Saturday, sitting with the petals, probably going to make rose beads… Send me your rose wisdom!

Happy full moon in Capricorn! Feeling very grounded this moon and hoping you are as well. I like to use this free Moon Calendar app to keep track of the cycles, and I like their gentle prompts for harmonic living.


Today is the 6 year anniversary of the accidental kismet adoption of my dog Aleph. I was 22, about one month out of college, 5 days into living in a new city, and it was the second time in my life I have been to an animal shelter. I was dragged into going by my boyfriend at the time who wanted to explore being a foster for the summer, and then – I spotted a small black and tan with upright ears across the way and it was almost instant that I knew he was coming home with me. We found out he had been dropped off that morning and would probably be rehomed quickly. I didn’t have a spiritual experience at the time (or the words to express it), but I can’t explain it any way other than that I just knew I had to do it and there really felt like there was no option not to. My heart burst open that day and continues to more and more every day in the loving relationship we tend and share together. I feel so lucky and mystified that he found me. In his honor, six things Aleph teaches me:

🎾 The importance of play. 🎾
I saw something the other day that said that when we are children we are learning to be adults and then we spend the rest of our adult lives trying to remember how to be children. It’s incredible that these beings that evolved with us play with toys, sticks, each other as much as they can – watching Aleph play reminds me to play more too.

🧤 Unconditional acceptance and love. 🧤
When I adopted Aleph he came with a suite of rescue quirks and for years I tried to lovingly change them, to will him into being what I wanted him to be and to fit what ideas I had for myself and my life. He has been an incredible teacher in this life lesson, and learning to love him for exactly who he is – quirks and all – has taught me more about loving myself for who I am and that we are all exactly what and where we are supposed to be.

🎈 Presence and levity. 🎈
Dogs know nothing but the present moment. I joke that though we fancy us humans as the pinnacle, it seems like being a dog (at it’s best) might be the apex of evolution: nap, sunbathe, snack, play, be adored, repeat. When I am feeling out of presence or extra heaviness, just looking at Aleph reminds me that it’s all good right now.

🕸 Surrender and living without fear. 🕸
Firstly acknowledging the chokehold that fear had on me for my entire life and wrestling fear out of my psyche is constant, daily work. Having other beings to care for doesn’t make you fear less or feel like you have less to lose. The opposite of fear, for me, is trust. Every time I catch myself worrying about him – a health thing, having to leave him for trips, what if he __(you name it)__ – it illuminates to me another spot that I am choosing fear over trust and looking into his eyes and knowing the eternity our souls will share in communion helps me to find trust again.

🥕 Nourishing others is deeply nourishing to ourselves. 🥕
Every day when I feed Aleph homemade dog food (and on the days that no rice is made, no raw meat in the freezer and I feed him a bone or a can of tuna and a carrot), I am restored by how much it lights up my soul to care for those around me through nourishment. It’s a deep act of love and I know our animals can feel it as much as the humans we feed as well.

💋 Kiss, pet, roll around in the sun, snuggle more. 💋
That’s it! That’s the thing!

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2023

We will be going over many practices for relishing the summer months in tonight’s workshop. Here are five things you can do to mark the Summer Solstice Wednesday, June 21st:

Turn your solar plexus towards the sun and take three deep full body breaths, feeling the sun warm your center and radiate through your body.

Note when sunrise and sunset are on Wednesday, the longest day of the year, and make a plan to be awake and present for both!

Make a celebratory meal of bright, fresh, summery foods – strawberries, zucchini blossoms, tender herbs, edible flowers are all going off right now where I am. Revel in what is abundant in your location.

Summer is the season of new love. Take note and make a list of things that you are totally in love with right now. What kinds of love are you craving in your life? Use the potent time of this season to call them in.

Take a moment of reflection for the midpoint of the year. Do any kind of reflection exercises you usually do at the end of the year. Take inventory on the past 6 months and set intentions for the 6 months ahead.

*for my friends in the southern hemisphere who read all the way to the bottom, in my archive you will find the recording I did in January this year on Self-Nourishment in Deep Winter 

TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2023

I finally got around to watching the beautiful documentary Juliette of the Herbs (free on YouTube) about herbalist and holistic veterinary pioneer Juliette de Baïracli Levy. We were recommended this doc a few years ago by dear friends and I cannot believe it’s taken me this long to watch. In Scout’s words: “Her life challenges modern lifestyles by giving a glimpse into a tender, nurturing and simple life that is in deep connection with the land.” Highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the world of intentional living and herbal medicine (I went into depth on my personal experience healing with herbs this week on Close Friends).

It’s been foggy here the past week so I’ve taken to sun chasing: where I drive inland until blue skies are present – and then sun gazing: where I lay as naked as possible and allow myself to feel deeply seen by the sun. While this is an incredible thing to do when the sun is out, it’s also an exercise you can practice no matter the weather to brighten a grey spirit and receive ultimate universal love. Sit in a comfortable spot, close your eyes and imagine the sun beaming down on you, drop deeper into it until you feel the warmth, feel the experience, feel the light radiate towards you. Don’t open your eyes or stop until you feel like you’ve gotten the dosage needed.

Speaking of using the sun, I stumbled upon this reel on Instagram last week of somebody watercoloring plant shadows and yesterday I painted mugwort and wild strawberries along a nearby riverbank. It took just the right amount of pressure off of painting and was a beautiful way to capture nature in bloom.

I am excited about the return this week of the show Outlander (watch on Netflix) that rocked my world last fall/winter. I’ve been reading the books every night before bed and every morning upon waking for the last 6 months as a part of my “First 30/Last 30” practice (more on this in my archive under Morning & Evening Practices).

I am very much looking forward to hosting next week’s Self-Nourishment With the Seasons: Summer workshop. Inspiring others to find fulfillment, meaning, and individual purpose in seasonal living is a core passion and pursuit, and I am delighted to drop in with those who are able to join me. Watch this clip from the workshop I did in January on Self-Nourishment in Deep Winter for a taste of what’s to come. Hope to see you there!


…I listened to this week:

Fog Net, a Mendocino friend’s newest release ‘Headlands’ – atmospheric, dreamlike soundscapes to listen to in quiet moments & on drives to pretend you too are driving along the Northern California coastline

Andrea Gibson on the We Can Do Hard Things podcast – about finding presence, joy, and god in everything, including sickness and impending mortality

Bruce Feiler on the Goop podcast – about finding meaning in work in a post-career world

Little Richard – we saw Little Richard: I Am Everything at the Mendocino Film Festival this weekend and have been listening to the true king of rock n roll ever since

Elise Loehnen’s new book On Our Best Behavior on audiobook – so far it’s a gripping, astute exploration of why women strive for goodness, never feel good enough, and how it’s hurting all of us


Saturday I am celebrating the one year anniversary of when I brought my coaching offering out to the public (via this post)! With deep honor and immense gratitude for all that has unfurled this past year, I share five things that have made this practice of mine possible, which are all tools I recommend to clients and that you can explore in your own life:

River rocks and other stones to hold for grounding during sessions. I always have multiple options accessible to help me hold whatever energy arises and keep me tethered to earth. This is a tool you can bring into your life for any moment you need grounding support!

This work is energetically, emotionally, spiritually demanding – in order for me to show up I really need to prioritize making time for rest and restoration in ways I have never done before. This has necessitated really exploring and opening up my inner child and learned cultural blocks and wounding around “rest”. If you find it hard to find true rest, you can start by defining what it even means to you – write on what rest looks like and feels like. Pay attention to any lower-vibration or more negative elements that come up in your writing. This is pointing towards an avenue to explore.

Finding and making it easy to access ‘mini’ restoration practices for in between sessions and throughout the day that help me connect back to myself and my big picture and find calm within. I noticed I was turning to scrolling, checking things on my phone, and other less healthy habits of mine which wasn’t supporting me in showing up the way I wanted to. I made two lists – one of these lower self-worth behaviors (things I do that make me feel bad about myself) and another of high self-worth behaviors (things I do that make me feel good about myself!) like: making food, doing the dishes, combing Aleph (my dog) or brushing his teeth, knitting, mending, tidying or organizing the house, starting laundry, reading, lymphatic drainage and other self-massage, stretching, weeding in the garden, going for a short walk, listening to music and dancing – to name a few. Calling ourselves out and giving ourselves clear ways to redirect are simple ways to trick the brain and create real cumulative change.

Mentors! Having trusted voices to turn to, ask questions to, and lean on for support has been essential. I have found that you rarely/if ever have to seek out a mentor, they tend to appear for us when we need them. If you tune your dial to it, you will see them all around you. Do not be afraid to lean in and ask to connect with somebody who’s work or business has something to teach you. I always offer to pay for peoples time, and nobody has ever said no!

All the clients! It shouldn’t go without saying, that none of this would be happening were it not for the brave and curious souls who have been called to connect with me this past year. I am so thankful to each and every one of the folks who have met me, whether just for first free sessions, a number of sessions, and near-weekly sessions for the past year. You have all taught me so much, opened my heart and mind, and given me so much enthusiasm about this soul journey. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I have been pushing this email later and later this week because I have been searching for the right words to share here. Reminding myself that everything comes in it’s right timing, releasing expectations anyone else may have for me, and sending this out to you now with the upmost gratitude and love. Thank you for being here and being in connection and witness, a tremendous gift that makes it all possible as well.

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2023

Navigating individuals who fall on the narcissism spectrum has been a core theme of my personal healing journey and is now a major focus within my coaching practice. There have been many resources that have been helpful with this, and one of my absolute favorites is trauma therapist and coach Caroline Strawson. I always recommend her podcast on Narcissistic Abuse & Trauma Recovery. Yesterday, an interview with her on Glennon Doyle’s podcast came out and it’s wonderful, comprehensive, and — my personal non-negotiable in this space — compassion-led: How to Spot a Narcissist. The narcissist vortex can be very complicated, confusing, and nuanced. If this is something you are seeking support with, I’d be honored to drop in with you.

My partner Scout and his brother Bubby just officially launched their business Buoy Water Club: a self-service paddle share for paddleboards, surfboards, and kayaks. Their vision is to make being in the water a daily practice by helping to eliminate the barriers to water recreation (cost, ownership, the schlep, access). As of now they have lockers at Ski Shores Cafe on Lake Austin in TX and at Leadbetter Beach in Santa Barbara, CA. If you find yourself nearby, go for a paddle! I’m so proud of them and cannot wait to get on a Buoy board ASAP.

Last week I bought a month of Disney+ to watch the Hamilton musical film (highly recommend), and now I want to make the most of my month. So far I’ve watched Avatar and started Peter Pan. Send any recommendations my way.

One of my favorite artists to follow is French-American painter Mark Maggiori. His paintings of the American West are enchanting and intoxicating. He recently finished a stunning portrait of his wife and the caption will make you swoon and set a high bar for your lovers.

I grew up in a home with the Tao and it has been ever present in my life and mind in the last few years as I explore my own individual spiritual beliefs. I saw this tweet/meme this week which made me smile. If you are Tao-curious, this is my favorite translation (I got it used, complete with the most beautiful hand-written dedication), The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff is a wonderful introduction, and 3rd Ritual is a Tao-informed brand and content resource I adore.

TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023

Whether it’s getting home to Mendocino, spring energy all around, moving through the recent eclipses, or the many other possible reasons, I am feeling a lot of internal shifts and movement stirring that has been waiting and is ready for evolution – it’s a quiet, exciting feeling. I am doing a lot of reflecting in our mellow coastal home this week, here are five topics I am looking at:

Relationships in general – I firmly believe we have deep karmic relational work with many people we will know in this lifetime. Our stickiest, toughest relationships we navigate are, if we allow it, our greatest teachers. “Nobody is your friend, nobody is your enemy, everybody is your teacher.”

Themes that surfaced in May of last year to May of this year – reviewing old journals, pictures, and events that took place. Patterns repeating versus ones that are changing.

The key takeaways from doing my first retreat catering job. Back in summer of 2020 when I moved to upstate NY on an adventurous whim, I wrote in my journal that maybe I would work in a retreat center kitchen. Last summer, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to call in opportunities to collaborate with expanders. I am struck by how manifestations come through, the time they take, and that they are ALWAYS more magical than we dream them to be. Even though we spend so much time trying (or defaulting to it), we are so bad at predicting the future — it is astonishing!

My relationship to sharing and teaching. I am thinking a lot about social media and about how I want to offer workshops in the future. Musing. Plotting. Dreaming. If you have thoughts or requests, do reach out and let me know!

My practice officially turns one year old in June (I count from when I took the training wheels ‘off’ and brought this offering out to the public via this IG post). I recently made a Testimonials highlight on my IG filled with all the kind words from clients. I am so touched and moved by this work. Many more reflections on this to come, but for now, thank you.

TUESDAY, MAY 9, 2023

Somehow I was sleeping on the singer-songwriter Jewel up until now but better late than never – I am currently listening to her 1995 album Pieces Of You on loop and loving every bit of it.

Suay Sew Shop’s deadstock linen napkins are my favorite kitchen must have, hold up so well, and are one of the most responsible places to shop textiles today. I appreciate all they do!

We returned home from six weeks away and the weeds in the backyard are taller than me. Examining my relationship to so-called “weeds” also known as “plants out of place” has been a huge element of gardening and stewarding land over the last few years. When I feel particularly out of control staring down a wall of thistle and hemlock, I first remember to examine the human parts within me that crave dominion and order (a wormhole!), and then revisit “A Ceremony Asking Forgiveness of the Plants and Animals” (slide 2 here) from a favorite resource: Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate by Wendy Johnson.

Ever since I got my new car over a year and a half ago, I have been waiting for the right bumper sticker. Finally I found it last week in Austin! It’s the following quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness”. If you missed the clip on IG from Dr. Zach Bush on this topic, I recommend giving it a listen or watch.

Snail mail! What a joy to return home to some thoughtful mail amidst the health insurance paperwork and car registration renewals. Send us some!

PO Box 224
Elk, CA 95432

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2023

I’m overwhelmed with extreme gratitude and love after a beautiful week cooking, dancing, and living in presence during Spiral Time dance retreat held by my dear friend and herbalist Caroline Caswell in Lockhart, Texas.

The background of my phone is currently this picture from Ram Dass’s iconic book Be Here Now:

It’s a daily (or however often I remember it’s there) reminder that we can choose to surrender to the dance of this life. That there are no problems to solve.

What is something you are currently doing that feels like a weight? What would it feel like, look like, be like if you did it as a part of the dance? I’d love to hear.

That’s all for now. See you next week!


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of getting to see one of my favorite thought leaders and speakers in the space of human and planetary health, Dr. Zach Bush, speak in Ojai. When I feel anxious or lost or confused or overwhelmed, Zach’s words always grounds me in perspective, optimism, and understanding. I shared a meaningful clip from the talk on my Instagram this past week.

We are currently in an eclipse portal with the total solar eclipse on April 20 and a lunar eclipse on May 5-6. There are numerous places on the internet to learn about astrology, and Juliana McCarthy’s @etherealculture is one of my absolute favorites.

On the money note, helping heal relationships to money is one of the most common focuses in my coaching practice. One of my favorite resources on a spiritual approach to money, worth, value, and the like is The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease. I have the physical copy and also listened on audiobook and I revisit both regularly. There are exercises throughout you can do or save for future exploration too. If you are feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive or looking for a place to begin to shift your relationship with money, it’s a great place to begin!

Building on that note, it’s always important to recognize that so many of the struggles we face are not just because of what is happening in our lives right now, but a confluence of the social cultural moment in history we find ourselves in mixed with whatever spiritual conditions we inherited from our ancestral line as well as, I believe, our souls’ past lives (our karmic work). I’ve been working with a mentor for the last year whose work dives into expanding lived, ancestral, and past-life trauma and memory work. Think: inner child healing for your past lives. In bringing this work to clients, it’s been super juicy, fun, exciting, nourishing, deep, dark, light, and interesting as heck! If you are curious about this work, I’d be honored to drop in and explore with you wherever you are at.

After three weeks in beautiful Ojai, this week I return to my old home of Texas to venture into Spiral Time – a dance retreat held by my dear friend and herbalist Caroline Caswell. It’s an absolute manifestation come true (more on that here), and I am so excited to be making celebratory, high-vibrational spring meals for the participants and to be diving into my own dance and movement practice. See you on the other side!


Spring is in full swing across the Northern Hemisphere. Here are some prompts for what you can do this week to really celebrate the season and all it has to offer:

1. Visit your local farmers market and/or farm stands. Spring produce is such a reminder of all that is possible after a dark winter. Look for bright greens, small sweet colorful things, and whatever is most abundant. Tune your senses to abundance and see what you find!

2. I hosted a virtual zoom class last April making a spring feast. You can find the recording here in my Archive and here for free! A gift from me to you because you are reading this! <3

3. Fill your home with fresh flowers and your plates with edible ones. For years I have foraged around my neighborhoods for both. I like the Seek app for checking on what flowers (often “weeds”) out in the wild are edible. I loved this recent post about the magic of the dandelion – the flower that contains the sun, the moon, and the stars all in one.

*if you’re going to forage, make sure that you are harvesting (a) in public places not from private gardens, (b) in the spirit of reciprocity and abundance where you leave some for nature and others, and (c) where you know that the plants are not being treated with herbicides or pesticides!

4. Spring cleaning inside and out! In the spirit of Passover, clean out the corners of your home and your life. What has been swept out of sight but lies in the shadows? What can you let go of externally and internally to make space for all summer wants to bring?

5. Amidst all the bustle of new life, growth, and momentum that spring brings forth, take a moment to journal on what you want to carry froward from winter. I am endeavoring to carry forward more ease.


We just got to Ojai, CA for a month (more on this in my IG highlight above!), so here are a five things on the top of my mind since being here:

1. We’re just a few days in and we are really missing our Berkey Water Filter. It’s incredible how much water quality and taste varies, and Berkey is the gold standard best. Our health is directly related to the quality of our water, air, and soil. In the water department, I trust Berkey filters immensely!

2. After years of using natural and scent-free cleaning supplies, anytime we go stay anywhere I am usually knocked out by chemicals and fragrance in laundry detergent, dish soap, and cleaning sprays used in most homes. It can make me feel a bit nauseated, and have lasting impact on our health. For nearly 10 years now I have used Branch Basics cleaning supplies exclusively (women-owned and based in Austin, TX!) and they are still my absolute favorite supplies and source of education on clean home and living. We use it for everything, bring it on trips, and it actually works. Here’s my friend referral link for $10 off your first order if you are interested!

3. Walking! Oh how I missed going for longgg dog walks throughout the neighborhood. This past week I started and ended every day with a 15-90 min walk and I already feel how much of an effect it has on my body, mind, and soul. It’s wonderful to be reminded of self-nourishment practices we have loved in the past!

4. My dog Aleph is a rescue and, despite all our hard training work, he is still pretty dog reactive so bringing treats on walks is essential for keeping him focused on me as best as I can. Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Dog Treats are the only ones I buy. Since I make Aleph’s food from scratch (Dog Food in my Archive for all the details), I like to support local pet supply stores whenever I can. If yours doesn’t carry these you should request them!

5. Another perk of the long walks is catching up on podcast episodes. I love my friend Elizabeth Chapin’s Austin Enneagram podcast so very much for exploring our inner worlds and deepening understanding of the wisdom tradition of Enneagram, one of my favorite self-knowledge systems and modalities I employ in my coaching practice. If you are Enneagram new or curious, the intro episode is a perfect place to begin.

MONDAY, MARCH 27, 2023

My family went through a serious health scare this week. I will have more reflections to share as I continue to process and integrate, but at the present moment my overwhelming feeling is of gratitude. I have never been one to make gratitude lists before, there are aspects of the modern spiritual take that I don’t resonate with (like using it to bypass/ignore/suppress other important emotions bubbling below…), but! when the universe pushes us up against our edge and gives us much to be truly grateful for, I will take a moment to honor it’s communication. So, here are five things I am grateful for right now. After you finish reading this email, make a list of your own!

I am grateful…

1. I have all my tools for nervous system regulation and emotional processing. For having my toolkit at the ready when I need it. For being reminded that this is what we’re “practicing” for.

2. I have the ability to tap into the full spectrum of emotions and to allow myself to feel sad, scared, joyful, hopeful all in one afternoon.

3. For this moment right now. To be sitting on my parent’s couch, watching the wind in the trees around their hillside home, with my dog laying next to me who smells like a skunk (he was skunked last week too). I remind myself that what a gift it is to be here now in this moment that has never happened before and will never happen the same again.

4. For western medical intervention for giving me a reason to trust you again (cautiously, in the necessary time and place, and with a sandbox’s worth of grains of salt). Thank you for saving a life this week.

5. To be alive at the same time in history as all of you. What a magical opportunity it is!


1. Wishing you a wonderful Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere & Autumn Equinox in the southern! No matter where you are, this is a time filled to the brim with possibility – the liminal times between peak seasons of summer and winter where we plan, clear space and energy, and dream about what is to come – whether that be planting or yielding. A prompt for reflection: What seeds are you sowing now that you’ll reap in seasons to come?

2. To welcome the greens of spring, I am currently drinking a tea of lemon verbena, nettle, and peppermint. All dried from the herb section of my local natural foods store. It is fragrant, nourishing, and grounding. Recommend!

3. I am loving the new Moon Juice Expert Series. Amanda (the founder) is a wonderful, honest, open interviewer and they are speaking with some incredible experts on topics relevant to all our daily lives (Alisa Vitti on hormonal and sexual health, Ellen Vora on anxiety, Jennifer Freed on psychological astrology… to name a few I have devoured thus far).

4. My note to self today: It does not matter that this is a day late, this is and you are exactly where you are meant to be right now, and you are the only one putting expectations on yourself! Lighten the load. Give yourself grace. I offer the same note to you!

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 2023

1. This section of the newsletter is lovingly inspired by a favorite newsletter, one of the only ones I always read to the very bottom of or comment on: Unsupervised by Anna Fusco aka @lordcowboy. Anna’s perspective on life, love, learning, and sharing inspires me to no end.

2. The portal of this recent Full Moon in Virgo and Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction which finally occurred yesterday left me feeling a lot. You too?

3. Dear Ben by JLo. An epic love song from 2002

4. Emojis. I never took for a maximalist emoji approach, but I have a friend who uses them abundantly and it makes texts more dynamic, fun, playful, nuanced, and colorful.  🌬💌🐣🪨🔭🔬🪡

5. This Instagram post has been sitting in my saves for the last few weeks, making me think and feel awe for this journey of life. Enjoy.