Feeding Yourself is a 5 week-long interactive group course on establishing an individualized home cooking practice.

I believe deeply that eating real food, supporting and participating in our local sustainable food systems, and creating delicious and satisfying food at home has the power to transform ourselves, our communities, and our planet. Home cooking is a cornerstone of my personal self-nourishment practice.

My home cooking philosophy and approach has always been:

Have the essentials on hand, source locally and seasonally, and make simple food based on what you love and crave to eat.

When I taught 1-1 home cooking classes in the early pandemic I found a truth that became a seed of the therapeutic spiritual coaching work I do today: We bring our whole selves to the kitchen and the dining table. Establishing a home cooking practice requires so much more than just learning how to follow a recipe, going to the grocery store with a plan, or having the right set of pans.

There is no one size fits all.

In Feeding Yourself, we will not only be exploring, expanding, and deepening our own relationships to home cooking but we will also be entering a group collective container for even deeper support. Outside of class time, participants will have homework that includes journaling, research, field trips, and of course, home cooking.

Over the 5 week program, I will help you develop confidence in your ability to nourish yourself and loved ones, find joy and fulfillment in home cooking, and establish your own home cooking practice to support you throughout the seasons of your life.


Intimacy with Oneself, One Another, and Earth


~ 5 weekly 90 minute group calls with topic explorations, prompts for reflection, and interactive demos ~

~ Call recordings and resources will be uploaded to a protected page on my site with lifetime access ~

~ Closer Friends membership for October and November ~

~ App for text & voice note home cooking hotline and group discussion & support  ~


I offer this course 2x/year in the spring and fall. All classes are held on Zoom.


what are we bringing to the table, goals & intentions
beliefs & thoughts about ourselves/food/cooking, ideal day/week/month of eating, how do I want to feel, individual health & nutritional needs, ancestral foods

have the essentials on hand
building your arsenal, kitchen tools, personal pantry & fridge staples, what are my tastes, what do I like

source locally and seasonally
food shopping, sustainable and ethical sourcing, what shapes our menus throughout the year

make simple food based on what you love and crave to eat
elements of simple home cooking, meal ideas, menu planning resources, recreating restaurant meals, what works for you, ritual vs practice

metabolizing, integrating into your real life
troubleshooting, adapting, building confidence on the fly, learning new things, inspiration sources, what to do when you’re in a rut

*all is subject to adaptation


don’t know where to begin

feel overwhelmed or intimidated by cooking

have tried meal kits and delivery and none of it has stuck

eat out or eat frozen often and want to cook for yourself

love to cook and want to make it a more regular practice

hate to cook and want to change that

are in a cooking rut

are struggling to feed a family/yourself with limited time

want to feel invigorated around your home kitchen for wintertime

want to break familiar patterned behaviors around cooking and eating

want to eat for health, vitality, longevity, enjoyment

want the value of a group container, community work and support


The cost for the 5 week program is $325

*This course is designed to be accessible while also being a lifetime investment. Care has been taken to come to a price that reflects the offer and value, and feels like an appropriate energetic exchange. This said, affordability and access is very important to me – to discuss payment plans, trades, or sliding scale options, send me an email.


Can I do this with my partner / girlfriend / boyfriend / friend / family / roommate etc?

Yes! The more the merrier! That said, each sign up = one zoom entrance/site login/hotline app/etc. If you want to access apart or have the resources afterwards, you will need to sign up separately.

Do I need to be able to attend the class live?

Due to the intimate nature of this course and the value of a group container, live is best if possible. That said, we want to accommodate as many folks as would like to join and it will still be a great experience if you can attend at least one live session and plan to participate in the work along with everyone.

What is the difference between this and your 1-on-1 coaching?

In my self-nourishment coaching work we may touch into limiting thoughts and beliefs around food/cooking/the like and the value of establishing a home cooking practice, but we generally do not go this deep on specifics to home cooking. Existing coaching clients are welcome to join this group. If you would like to work together 1-on-1 on topics like anxiety, relationships, finding purpose and so much more, learn about my coaching practice here – first sessions are always free without commitment!

Will this course be offered again?

We will see how this one goes! Would love to someday offer this multiple times/year, however there are no plans yet for 2024.

What if I have had an eating disorder and/or am navigating [insert health concern]?

You are absolutely invited to join the group and encouraged to book a first free 1-on-1 coaching session prior so we can drop in together and understand what you are bringing to the workshop.

More questions?

Send me an email or DM on Instagram.